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April Fools? Or.. Always Fools?
I could spill a hundred and one of my deepest, darkest secrets.
I could spew a million and one random numbers and claim they’re factual statistics.
I could tell you a thousand and one of my strongest opinions.
I could do at least 51 things you would never expect me to do today.
I could share with you eleven of my most reoccurring dreams and thoughts.

I could do all of this in any combination of the numbers and things.

But you probably wouldn’t believe me.
Especially not today.

But I promise..
I could do the same thing any other day of the year.

And only half of them could still be true.
Maybe not even.

Don’t let me trick you.

I promise I am not any less trustworthy today, than any other day.
But I also promise I’m not any more trustworthy today.

What it really comes down to is this..
Are you going to trust me every day of the year?
Or are you never going to trust me any day of the year?

The choice is yours

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posted on April 1, 2013